Discover how schools across the world are improving staff wellbeing and boosting morale with this one simple step.

Running a school can be incredibly challenging, and one of the biggest challenges is keeping the staff happy, healthy and motivated. A happy teacher teaches better, takes less time off sick and wants to build a career at your school.

The profession has changed drastically over the 20 years since I have began teaching. Many teachers are over-worked, stressed and feel undervalued. Stress leads to sickness and absence, and ultimately when teachers feel they don't have the capacity to provide a first class education, they leave. After all, isn't this why we all get into teaching in the first place, because we are passionate about making a difference in children's lives.

Teachers are leaving in their droves, causing a recruitment crisis. From my research across the sector, there is a distinct lack of self-care, skipping lunch and breaks, not hydrating properly, working far more hours than they are paid for and this results in a poor immune system, and then sickness. This is not because teachers do not know how to look after themselves, many just don't have the time to. 

There is a growing movement to address this, many schools are attempting put staff wellbeing on the radar, to show their staff that they value their time and efforts. But knowing what to do can be hard. Every school is individual, with different dynamics due to the staff, area and type of school that it is. What works well for staff in one school can be a disaster in others.


Nourish The Workplace

Nourish the Workplace helps schools to help themselves. The best way to find out what will work for your particular school is to ask the people who work there. You may have done that already, but asking around a staff room, or even having a open door policy is not the same as asking anonymously. 

An anonymous staff survey gives you what you really need to know - how staff feel about working at your school. Are the wellbeing initiates that you have in place actually working? Are people happy and feel able to do their job effectively? You may feel that they are but it's often the small things that go unnoticed that really affect people's mental wellbeing and our staff survey finds that out. 

The results from the survey are compiled to give you a comprehensive whole school analysis. This gives you the raw data and most importantly the comments that staff have left in regards to the questions. 


The toolkit gives you the chance to show just how you are prioritising staff wellbeing. You can implement any changes that are raised in the survey and evidence the toolkit with information about your school in any way you like. Once you can show that you are meeting the criteira you are eleigible for the Nourish the Workplace award and can use our logoo to proudly display this on your communications, and website.

It is a quick and easy process, we aim for completing within 2 months of signing up and the toolkit is straightforward to complete. 

All of this is done remotely, I send you the links and you send them out to staff. I do not need to visit your school at all. This means that I can support an school, anywhere in the world!


So how much to become a member of Nourish the Workplace? 

£185 for a Primary School

£250 for a Secondary School

Price for alternative provisions

and private schools upon request.

These are UK prices, international

schools will be priced based on the

size of school and exchange rate.

Please get in touch to discuss. 

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We look forward to working with your school to make it the very best place to teach and for your children to get the education they deserve. 

Teacher and Pupil


"The survey has made us more aware of what the staff thought"

A Nourish School should have

-          A manageable and appropriate workload

-          A fully functioning, well equipped staff kitchen

-          A welcoming staffroom with enough room for the staff to sit.

-          A member of staff in charge of staff wellbeing who is not on the SLT.

-          Wellbeing covered in CPD 3 times a year.

-          Flexible access to school during the holidays


-          Proof that they are implementing the ‘Find Fifteen’ initiative.

-          Staff absence managed effectively and as low as possible

-         A positive staff survey result 

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"Staff seem happier!"

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