The Education Wellbeing Collective is a group of educators, consultants and small business owners who are passionate about supporting the wellbeing of staff and pupils through global coronavirus pandemic and beyond. 

Below are many resources that are free to download and use. Please show your appreciation by following the authors on social media, emailing your thanks and sharing this with others.  

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Use these tips to help support your staff through out this difficult time. Staff wellbeing is the key to supporting pupil wellbeing, it can still be easily done during school closures and is probably even more important as staff are taking on different responsibilities and roles. 

This is a podcast recorded with Jonathon Doyle about the importance of staff wellbeing, especially at this time, and how easy it is to facilitate it. 

Kimberley Evans left the primary classroom 2 years ago to run Nourish the Workplace, which helps schools all over the world support their staff's wellbeing and happiness. She runs #EdWellbeingGoals every Thursday evening on Twitter and is heavily involved with #teacher5aday. This is her website, so please use the tabs above to find out more. She tweets @nourishworkplce, is on LinkedIn here and her Facebook page is here.


7 Wellbeing Activities for 7 Days - a KS2 worksheet and teacher's guide.  Activities informed by positive psychology, positive education and character education research to support children's wellbeing.

(the link is to the free download page on TES resources, but let me know if you'd rather have the files for people to download directly)


Virtual Mental Health and Wellbeing Panel Recording:

Live recording of a panel of teachers, psychologists, wellbeing specialists and more, discussing mental health and wellbeing for children / teens, parents, teachers & other school staff during Coronavirus crisis.


#WellbeingWednesday Live - a weekly live webinar on a topic related to wellbeing for children, teachers and/or parents, where I also share links to resources and answer any live questions.  Hosted on YouTube.


"For Flourishing's Sake" podcast - A weekly 5-minute wellbeing boost for teachers and school leaders. It is a bite-size podcast that packs a mighty punch, giving you a weekly dose of inspiration, support and practical tools and ideas to enable you and your students to flourish, by supporting teacher and student wellbeing.

(also available on all the major podcasting platforms by searching for "For Flourishing's Sake")

Frederika Roberts is a former secondary teacher and a positive psychology speaker, trainer and author. She is the founder of Educate to Flourish CIC, author of Recipe for Happiness and For Flourishing’s Sake and co-author of Character Toolkit for Teachers. She tweets @frederika_r .

Inset day is normally a chance to share, listen and consider how to help the students.  Unfortunately for most of us this inset day will be slightly different and will probably be focused on virtual learning.  This short powerpoint could be sent to staff just to get them to think about who is inspiring and influencing students right now while on lock down and maybe help staff realise how important their interaction with them is. 

This is something for just before we return.

Schools greatest asset is the other pupils and training older pupils up to become good leaders and support for the younger students can be hard.  This is a starter booklet to give them some ideas.  It is worth sending this out just before they return so that can plan their role and try out some for the activities. 

Ceri Stokes is an Assistant Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead. She is interested in all safeguarding issues and #PSHE topics @UKPastoralChat lead, and has written for the TES. She tweets @CeriStokes 

The 'Cookie Jar' is a behaviour approach I use to build relationships with all the kids I work with and is part of my Only One You Coaching programme. Click in the box for a 'checklist' worksheet I've produced to support anybody working with disconnected kids.

Mark Goodwin is a teacher, trainer & coach. He helps make school work for all staff & students. He runs Only One You coaching and his website is Equal Parts Education. He tweets at @MarkGoodwin8

The Primary First Trust puts the wellbeing of its pupils, staff and community at the forefront of everything it does. Below are a set of newsletters for families and staff, with many useful links and resources. 

Kelly Hannaghan is a wellbeing consultant, public speaker and author, passionately promoting positive MH and wellbeing of all stakeholders in education. She tweets @mindworkmatters

#teacher5aday uses the 5 pillars of wellbeing; connect, notice, learn, exercise and volunteer to encourage teachers to take responsibility for their own wellbeing. You can learn about it here.

You can use the hashtags on Twitter, follow the main account here and there is also a Facebook group here

Just Talk is a multi-agency campaign, designed with young people, to improve the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people.   The Just Talk website shares positive mental health and wellbeing information for young people, parents and professionals.  There is a range of free to download resources including a schools toolkit which contains short 15 minute activities to run in form time, assembly templates, lesson plans, posters, quizzes, etc.


There is also a new Covid-19 page on the website, containing (amongst other things) wellbeing checklists for primary school and secondary school aged children, and parents, for them to use to help ensure they maintain their sense of wellbeing at home.  These draw on the evidence based Five Ways to Wellbeing.


The Just Talk campaign is Hertfordshire based, but resources are free for other areas to use – the only information that won’t be relevant will be some of the local support information within the posters and on the website.  We use #JustTalk on social media.

Jen Beer is the Health Improvement Lead for Hertfordshire Public Health team

Twitter handle: @jennufcboss

Adele Bates is a Behaviour and Education SpecialistTEDx Speaker and Forthcoming Author.  She tweets @adelebatesZ

Homeschooling children with Behaviour Needs - Adele Bates Education

This blog post outlines the main points covered in the live webinar I hosted for The Adopter Hub on homeschooling for children with behavioural needs

Thérèse Hoyle is Founder and chief facilitator of Thérèse Hoyle Consultancies She tweets @theresehoyle

7 Steps to Boost Wellbeing – The Unedited Version!

Creating a culture that actively promotes staff wellbeing: five steps (Optimus Education Blog) -

The Wellbeing Toolkit – This is an abridged version of the toolkit I give to staff and leaders who work with me in my Flourishing You coaching programme and those who attend my ‘Keys to Wellbeing’ training. (awaiting image) https://theresehoyle.us7.list-

Are you looking for inspiration for playtimes games during Covid19 and beyond!? - Download my free Playground Games Starter Kit and you’ll get 10 traditional games - that don’t require any equipment - so you can start playing them with your children today. Download yours here:

Online Storytimes during the Covid19 lockdown at 3pm with Therese in her Online Classroom sign up here:

Friday Well- Being Classroom – join here:

Thérèse Hoyle as a passion for creating positive and harmonious school cultures. She is an international educational consultant and executive coach with over 21 years’ experience. She advises schools and teachers on aspects of behaviour management, anti-bullying, social, emotional and mental health needs of children and teens, staff wellbeing, organisational development, coaching and leadership.

Thérèse has worked with teams all over the world, so far reaching over 495 schools and 15,400 individuals. Her books include 101 Playground Games and 101 Wet Playtime Games and Activities and she is a contributing author to How to be a Peaceful School. She is also an adviser for the Wellbeing Award for Schools.


 PSHE Solutions


'Creating a safe and appropriate learning environment' is a powerpoint presentation.  

Please download the ppt, and play it in it presentation mode. Click on the spacebar (or mouse) for each new slide. 

John is passionately committed to improving the learning and life chances of children and young people, through the professional development of individuals and organisations.


Seconded from secondary school leadership, John lead the transformation of a 2-school research project into an evidence-based, behaviourally-effective, multi-agency wellbeing programme across the UK and overseas, with unique evidence of health benefit and educational improvement. 


Since 2005 John has worked with Local Authorities, schools, charities and commercial groups across the UK and abroad to provide coaching and training, to support school improvement and ensure the wellbeing of learners and adults who work with, and for, them.


John Rees         

07710 401 688



Halcyon Education helps schools and colleges follow a whole school approach to mental health. Download our 10 Steps to a Mentally Healthy School to get started, available on our website.

Anna Bateman is School Improvement Advisor and Trainer

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Successfully helping schools with their mental health strategies for over 10 years. Leaving a legacy for the next generation.


Check out our new mental health in schools podcast series, everyday experts sharing their insights and knowledge


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