Find Fifteen 

A Nourish School should have a Find Fifteen contract for the wellbeing co-ordinator and the staff to sign. It will state that they will take 15 minutes each day away from the children to have a proper break.

It is the school's responsibility to ensure that this is feasible and realistic. Schools will be encouraged to review their use of staff at lunchtimes, realistic workload and deadlines and ensure there is good provision for all staff to eat a healthy lunch. 

This is to ensure all staff are rested, fuelled and mentally ready to teach to their best ability in the afternoon. Teachers often do not take a proper break and therefore do not eat a well balanced meal because they do not have time. Also many teachers do not drink adequately because they do not have time to go to the toilet.

The Find Fifteen initiative redresses this balance.

Staff may sign that they do not wish to take part and school cannot force them, but they understand that they are limiting their teaching ability in the afternoon by doing so and damaging their health and well being.