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Do you know what you want to do but struggle to get there?

Do you keep putting things off?

Maybe you write lists but not get much actually crossed off!

Or are there things going on in your head that are holding you back?

- feeling insecure

- doubting yourself

- don't feel able

These things are experienced by many people, you might not feel they are important enough to do something about them. Surely that is just a part of growing up?

You can talk to friends and loved ones, but sometimes they can be too nice and not push you to do something. Or they might not know how to help you. They can be great for a feel better cuddle and a word of advice, but will they give you the push you need?

What if there was a way of working through these issues with someone who is removed enough from your life to look at things objectively?

Imagine how less stressed you would be if you could work these issues through with someone. How much more you would believe in yourself and your abilities. How much extra time you would have if you learnt how to top procrastinating and what you could do with all that extra time! How much better quality of life you would have, how happy you would be. 

Nourish Lifestyle Coaching is a 5 week personal programme designed to help you get over these stumbling blocks and find your inner happy. You get a booklet and 20 minute discovery call with me to ascertain what the issues are that are holding you back. I will then give you action steps to work on and 4 weekly 20 minute calls to monitor progress and discuss how you are feeling. It costs £75.

I will help you to help yourself and give you the tools you need to carry on feeling more confident, productive and happy into the future. 

If you want to achieve more clarity to your life, gain more time by being more productive and find greater happiness then click on the link below. 

I was lucky enough to of taken Kimberley’s Nourish Lifestyle coaching. Being a mum is no easy feat in itself and adding a work from home business can really shake it all up. Working with Kimberley helped me to realise that I can do it all if I work my time out for the week so that I don’t overwhelm myself and I have a balance of work and life.

Since working with Kimberley I am far more mindful of my time and what I need to be doing.

I would highly recommend working with her, she’s got a beautiful personality and really wants to see you succeed