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Improve your health with #teacher5aday!

The #teacher5aday movement is all about taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and using the core principles to improve it in small, manageable steps.

Together with it's founder, Martyn Reah, I have been trying to work out how fit healthy eating into it, the 5 key areas are restrictive but vital. But then we hit on the idea of mini videos with accompanying blogs to show you how to eat healthier. This could then fit into the #learn and #notice areas.

Eating healthier can help both your work and home life. Stress is fed by a poor diet and sleep habits can be affected by it too. This isn't about going on a diet, this is about adding extra nourishment to improve your health. It's about making some simple swaps. Meal prepping at the weekend can free up more time in the week, time for you to spend having fun or relaxing. Eating healthier will give you more energy, which will help you power through your to-do list, be more productive with your time and enjoy your free time with friends and family. Eating healthier can help you sleep better, relax quicker and help you deal with anxieties and stress. It's an all round win, win!


So every weekend I will bring you a new video for something to try the following week. We will start with some simple ideas that everyone can try, with minimal effort or extra cost. You can learn new recipes and habits to help you get healthier this year and live life to the full. Learn how to add in ingredients to boost your health instead of taking things out.


Take some time to notice how you feel after eating and how much better you feel when you have eaten something healthier. Notice as well what other colleagues are eating and spread the word of this idea, tell them about #teacher5aday and these videos. Notice what you would like to learn and let me know! I am very open to suggestions!

Here is the link for the blog with details of the first video, check back every week for more content!

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