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Mason jar salads

A nice easy one to start you off, but one that will revolutionise your salad prep!

Have you every tried to meal prep salads before but a couple of days in you get to lunch time eager to tuck into that plate of crunchy freshness only to be met with soggy tomatoes and limp lettuce?

That's because the wet ingredients really don't get on with the dry ingredients, so you need to separate them out, but how?

Glass jars are the answer!

You then layer the ingredients in a way that keeps the wet stuff separate from the crisp lettuce leaves, meaning you can prep these at the weekend for at least 3-4 days ahead.

Watch the video to see how easy it is

These are the jars I have

So easy to store and to clean and ultra cheap too at £6.99

If you would like to go all fancy and make them in pretty jars like on Pinterest, try these

It doesn't matter what make it is though, it's all about the layering. Have a look online for variations, just search for mason jar salads, but I'll be doing some other ideas for them in the coming weeks.

What do you think? Is this something you would like to try?

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