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Pimp up your sarnie

The humble sandwich, a staple for teachers for years. Easy to make, easy to eat on the go.

But not necessarily that nutritious. A lot of us will take in a basic ham on white bread sandwich, which ticks the easy box, but not the healthy box. So I've come up with some easy ways to make some small changes to make it much healthier.

I've included the nutritional information for the bread elements below. It's important to remember out bodies need fuelling, so don't obsess over things like this, but it is interesting to see how they differ, and this is before we add in things like the salad and swap ham for chicken.

Calories and carbohydrates are what gives our bodies energy and as teachers we need energy! If you are on a calorie controlled diet then cut that at dinner time, not lunch. You need a lot more energy in the afternoon than you do in the evening.

Protein is what keeps you full, so the seeded bread will help you stop snacking on the chocolate biscuits in the staffroom too!

Fibre helps your gut stay healthy, which can help you fight off those pesky germs that are everywhere in our job!

So what will you pimp up your sarnie with? I'll cover sandwiches again in a few weeks time with some different filling ideas, and don't forget to check back next week for a completely different idea for healthy lunches.

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