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Ripping up the rule book for lunch

Who made the rules for what constitutes the 'correct' food for meal times?

"You can't eat that for breakfast!" you often hear. Why not? Who said that we can only have bread at breakfast if it is toasted and if it is 2 slices together with some filling then it has to be eaten at lunch time?

Same for oats. For years, porridge was a staple breakfast food. Simple, yet nutritious. But if you start tucking into a bowl at lunch time people think you've gone made!

Well I'm here to rip up that rule book and say if it's health and nutritious then eat it for whichever meal you want. Especially it will help you make a healthier choice because it is easy.

Overnight oats is the 'new' porridge. It is a great choice for a school lunch because it can be prepped in less than 5 mins in the morning and just take it out of the fridge at lunch time and enjoy. No waiting in line for the microwave, no searching for a plate, just grab a spoon and enjoy.

This is a really simple recipe to get you started and I'll be back in a few weeks time with some variations.

Let me know what you think!

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