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Taking the protein shake to the max

When I put a post out on Twitter asking what teachers ate a lunch time, a huge amount of people came back with protein shake. I'm not surprised, it's a great way to get nourishment in you quickly and if you choose right and understand that you get what you pay for with protein powder, it can be a really healthy choice.

This video shows you how you can make it even healthier though. Taking less than 5 mins in the morning to prep this, will give you more nutrients and boost your health. Give it a watch and then read below for some more hints and tips.

Pros for having a protein shake for lunch

- not having to wait in line for the microwave

- you don't have to use any plates or cutlery

- you can eat it wherever you like

Cons for having a protein shake for lunch

- it doesn't encourage you to take a proper break

And that is an important point. You need to take time at lunch time to have a proper rest. Fifteen minutes is all it takes, to take stock of what has happened in the morning and psych yourself up for the afternoon. Thinking that you can have this on the go, while you spend your whole lunch time getting work done is not what I am advocating at all. Please have your shake AND #FindFifteen to rest and refocus for the afternoon.

A word on protein shakes, you really do get what you pay for. Cheap ones are cheap for a reason. Made with whey powder (what's left over after the all the good stuff has been taken for cheese) and aspartame (a chemical sweetener) they can spike your blood sugar levels which can contribute to anxiety and make you hungry again very quickly.

Vegan ones are preferable for healthy lunches, with cane sugar and stevia (a natural sweetener). They stabilise blood sugar levels and are absorbed by the body better meaning it keeps you fuller for longer.

This is the one I use,486.aspx

Look at the ingredients and get the best you can afford!

See you next week with another great idea to make your lunches easier and healthier!

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