So how much to become a member of Nourish the Workplace?

Just £185!*

That’s right, for only £185 for a single primary school, or £250 for a single secondary school you can receive invaluable information about how your staff feel and an award that you can use on job adverts, your own websites, social media to show that you value your staff's wellbeing and know how much their happiness and health impacts the whole school.

It begins with an anonymous 25 question survey for all staff which covers the most crucial areas of teacher morale. We ask them how happy they are with various aspects of their job and their environment…. so that you then have the information you require to make and implement changes where necessary to improve staff retention. We ask them for specific comments so that the feedback is very personalised. We will analyse the results of the staff survey and give you feedback in the form of a thorough written analysis.


Next you will be provided with a toolkit which allows you to evidence our 8 criteria and submit a completed document celebrating this. If the assessor is in agreement you are automatically provided with the award and logo, which can be used on school branding for 12 months from completion. Your school will also be included on our Nourish schools register where people can search for jobs.


If the assessor feels there is still work to be done to be a fully Nourished school, consultation, support and recommendations can be provided at additional costs.

Why only £185/£250?

We know that there are people charging in excess of £3000 for a very similar product / solution to this. But having been in the industry for so many years, I have a clear understanding that this is just not feasible for the majority of schools.

Schools do now understand the importance of wellbeing but their budgets are in the hundreds not the thousands. I wanted to put this in the hands of as many people as possible because the wellbeing of teachers greatly impacts the wellbeing of children. 

Many other companies provide a 3 year service, however we all know that in education the atmosphere of a school can change dramatically when staffing changes. Nourish the Workplace is renewed annually ensuring that the status of the school is current and relevant.  


To sign up please fill in the box with your details and we will contact you with how to pay.

* - this is a price for a single UK primary school. Contact me for

pricings for private, international, AP, Multi Academy Trusts and federations of schools.

Discounts may be available.

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